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Work from home- A new age slavery?

With the ongoing pandemic, the majority of us have been working from home for quite some time now. While the idea of working from home was much of a relief for each one us, for we wove our dreams of indulging in our hobbies and spending time with our loved ones, we often struggled to achieve the perfect personal-professional balance in our lives.

The initial days of working from home were easy with frequent indulgences in activities like cooking or pursuing our hobbies after work hours. But as time passed, things started to accelerate on the path to difficulty. The plunging economy has forced all the businesses to double their efforts just to sustain the augmenting pressure for the survival of the world at the expense of minimal gains. This has lead to nothing but increased workload leading to an increased number of work hours accounting for a larger portion of the day.

Understanding the primary motive behind the idea of working from home to keep everyone safe, it also brought along the expectations of accommodating time to be able to focus on our personal lives. But that purpose seems to have vanished amidst the dark clouds of corona! Increasing work pressure has managed to wipe off the thin line that distinguished our personal and professional lives. With all the facilities now available at your fingertips, you are expected to put in efforts to deal with the work pressure round the clock! 

This may not be the case with every one of us but we sure cannot deny the possibility of such a scenario not existing at all. The thought of working round the clock to achieve our targets is no less than being held captive for something that you didn’t do. Work from home has often given rise to situations where one is robbed of the simple joy of sharing a meal with their families, let alone permitting them to breathe a sigh of relief! We sure are grateful to have jobs and to keep our livelihood unhindered due to the ongoing pandemic, but I am not sure if we are okay with our work permeating our “me time”! The constant fear of losing out on our jobs has forced us to give in to this modern-day slavery.

With the fast pacing lives that we currently lead, it is highly important to have dedicated time that lets us unwind from all the stress and turmoil that we battle on a day to day basis. It is imperative that we learn to manage our time and pamper ourselves with a few hours during the day that lets us be ourselves and restrain ourselves from being caught up in the vicious circle of the new age slavery.

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