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Earthy worthy battles

Over a month since the lockdown began, it is starting to feel trapped within the set of walls that we built for our own safety. The current situation has forced mankind to limit a major share of our activities that practically run the world. While the world fights this humungous battle that makes us look weak, part of the world sans the human race has set on a path of rejuvenation.

While the world celebrated the onset of a new decade and hoped to realize their aspirations, destiny had its own plans! All of the dreams that we looked forward to for this year, seem to have funneled down to the ones that could be achieved by only sitting at home. The rich made plans to travel while the poor lived with the promise to support their families through all the hardships. The rich spread the pandemic but the poor are the worst affected. In this one month, there has been so much happening around the globe that it makes us want to reconsider our perception about every tiny bit that exists!

Organizations based across regions have been putting in efforts to battle against these corporate behemoths to preserve the planet and its resources. Years spent on these efforts have turned gold as soon as the planet took the matter in its own hands. The planet has worked in a mysterious way to reclaim its health and wealth by bringing the wildly pacing life to an absolute standstill. This, in a way, helped us differentiate between necessity and luxury, the two terms which we began to use synonymously over the years.

History repeats itself they say, yet we are clueless and have no answers to the questions arising from the current circumstances. The moment that we currently living in is something that one never imagined in their wildest dreams, yet here we are, striving to survive the worst-hit circumstances. The world that has known to bring us closer due to globalization is now drawing lines between everyone defining it under a fancy term called “Social distancing”

While we whine about the inconvenience caused, have we really had the time to look at how the world is thriving without all that human intervention? There have been instances that reported the wild animals wandering on the streets like never before to them being spotted in areas where they otherwise would never set their foot due to the concrete chaos we built, along with the best news about the ozone layer healing itself. These instances are in true sense an eye-opener for all those claiming that the pandemic has done nothing but worse to the “world”.

Technology over the years has developed exponentially, so much that at times it is hard to differentiate if it was meant for our convenience or to make us lazy. While it was considered to be an important tool to educate ourselves about the good and the bad, yet it wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that we haven’t learned a bit. We used technology for our benefits prior to realizing the repercussions it may cause. All this said and done to protect the planet, it wasn’t enough to achieve what we aimed while a simple “stay at home” policy brought about the entire change!

Talking about the hardships that people faced in the times of the pandemic, it has been evidently visible that the not so rich and the poor are at the brunt of the consequences. The world currently battles one of the worst economic battles of all times and it sure is affecting every individual. But have you really wondered how the daily wage earners have been striving just to exist? These people were initially unaware of what was happening around resulting in extreme chaos and augmenting the spread of the virus. Most of them forced to suspend their bread earning activities owing to the protocols set by the government have been trying to make money in such difficult times by looking for alternate activities to support people while fulfilling their family needs. While this group of people now understands the consequences of the situation, it is some of the educated illiterates who are now creating additional problems. From hiding the medical status to protesting against the lockdowns, we also have significantly contributed to the havoc. Do we really deserve to be called one of the intelligent species on earth?

This pandemic has brought in a lot of changes in our lives, most importantly the perception towards the meaning of life. Every one of us has always strived to achieve the best possible lives with bits of luxuries to account for. The current situation has forced us to make a living out of what is called the basic necessities and yet be satiated with our needs. This social distancing prevention to curb the pandemic has forced the various organizations to consider work from home arrangement which is proving to be beneficial for every individual’s personal life. While some are spending quality time with their families while others are resorting to enhancing their skill sets and pursuing their hobbies. As productive as this may sound, it sort of has become a platform to compete and it is highly important that we realize that this is not the time to be pitted against each other or feel depressed about not being able to bring about your creative side. This is the time to take a break from our fast pacing lives and relax and to really understand the beauty of our lives.

Last but not the least, this is the time when we should be eternally grateful to all the rescue operations and the workers for their immense efforts and the hard work that they have put in to ensure our safety while they battle for their own and also be thankful for all the good that happens to us even when the world is sunk in the pool of sorrow!

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