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Our Planet… Really?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Couple of days ago while surfing through Netflix to keep the entertainment quotient of my life, I came across this web series that promised the story of diversified wildlife we have on Earth. Alas after a lot of procrastination my curious instincts made me fall for the trap.

Narrated by David Attenborough, this series brings out the mysterious secrets of all the life forms existing on this planet. The beautiful depiction of wildlife on land ranging from the freezing poles to the scorching deserts along with predators in high skies and the ones underneath land left me mesmerized. It is just breathtaking to be able to witness these life forms existing in their natural habitat unlike in the zoo. The show draws light on the importance of such life forms in the food chain along with the damage caused by humans to what is known as their home.

The changes happening due to global warming are slowly depriving us of the majestic flora and fauna. The melting glaciers are disturbing the salinity of the water bodies while the urbanization results in declining rainforests. Watching the polar bears struggling to find food along the icy poles while the mighty elephants thirst wandering the deserts just aches my heart.

The weakening of the flora and fauna on this planet is an alarming issue that humans are barely paying any heed to. The human loss caused by Californian wildfires was because we failed to realize the forest boundaries. Was it really just human/materialistic loss that we faced? Is it not enough to realize that the drought state of one of the world’s developed countries is facing yet another environmental crisis? Is it really important to find life on other planets while we fail to sustain the existing ones ?

There are countries that are running out of ground water while we are busy looking for water on the other globes thus creating a living hell on Earth. The wrath of nature has been observed in extremities, in ways that really need to be addressed at the moment before it creates a complete havoc. It is highly important to realize that the protection of our environment does not solely serve the purpose of our convenient existence.

Restoring environmental balance, although a pressing long shot but one worth of all efforts. As humans we are capable of protecting ourselves as long as other influential factors don’t cease to exist. The other equally important species too need to be preserved before they leave no signs of their existence. Each of us may not be trained heavily to bring about a conspicuous change, but all the small efforts put together could do wonders. Let’s pledge to not make this world a bad place to live. Let us in all senses make this Our Planet!

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