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FIFA 2018

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

The fever that grips the entire world is here! Yes, I am talking about the FIFA World Cup 2018. Makes you wonder what could I write about it? The stats? The tactics? My support for a particular team? None I’d say. I am not a pro when it comes to football nor am I supporting a particular team. Rather I’d call myself a supporter of the sport!

Contrary to the popular belief, Indians are very much a part of Football. It does create much of a stir here too. I might not be an avid follower of all the football matches but I like myself getting involved when the world cup is around the corner. More than the competition, I choose to follow the sport and enjoy every bit of it. This is probably the third world cup I am watching, so it makes me old enough to understand majority of the game rules which is why I find myself every night hooked on to the T.V. screen like a complete a maniac!

One thing that amuses me through all these days is that even when my country is not a part of the this particular sport but I am still an enthusiastic viewer. Not rooting for any particular country yet watching out for the game put forward by the best players is in itself a completely different experience. Having seen all the countries put their best foot forward to win the cup, we got to see the most popular countries being thrown out of the tournament, while not so popular ones cast an impression in the world of football. This tournament was a complete game changer. Not only a lot of fans were heartbroken but some others were taken with an absolute respect for their teams.

Entering the finals were the teams France and Croatia. The former had been rooting to get the trophy back home for 28 years while the latter left the world awestruck with its first ever presence in the finals. The match was nothing but full of nail-biting moments leaving us gripped throughout the match duration. The tournament ended with France ending their 28 year old drought and taking home the world cup but also for Croatia gaining respect in the eyes of every football fan.

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