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Watkins Glen State Park

Updated: May 23, 2020

Hello from the beautiful Summer of 2017!

Pretty much a long time since I wrote my last blog ’cause busy soaking up on all the sun after the harsh winters. Summer this year is bearable with the perfect warmth and tinge of unexpected rains (which does remind me of Mumbai at times!). Other good things to mention about the summer this year is- I graduated, Mom was here for my convocation and obviously had the opportunity to show her around New York and justify my love for the city.

Also, I finally had the chance to visit the place which stood right at the top of my bucket list, Watkins Glen State Park. Based in upstate New York, this state park is one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever been to. Initially named Watkins Glen State Reservation, it was privately run as a resort before it was bought by the New York State.

We started our trek from the main entrance near the village of Watkins Glen. Walking through the entrance tunnel which was hand cut into the rocks in the early 1900’s, we reached the Sentry Bridge.


Walking past the Sentry Bridge, we made a move towards the Cavern Cascade. Of the two waterfalls that you could walk behind, this is one and first from the main entrance.


Passing through the Spiral Tunnel which followed the Cavern Cascade, we walked further ahead on the Lover’s Lane only to reach The Narrows. This spot is said to have its own microclimate similar to that of a rainforest.


The next destination on our trail was the Glen Cathedral. Here the Lover’s Lane meets the Gorge Trail which then leads to the Indian Trail. Just like the Narrows resemble a rainforest, Glen Cathedral resembles a desert. On a bright sunny day, the walls of the cathedral are soaking the sun. Since we were trekking on a rainy day, the walls appeared all mushy.


Following the Glen Cathedral, was the Central Cascade and the Glen of Pools.


The Central Cascade is the highest waterfall in the gorge. Right above the waterfall is a scenic bridge as seen in the pictures. This bridge gives you a view of the Glen of Pools.


And on the other side of the bridge.


We returned from the Central Cascade back to the Main Entrance. Following are some pictures that I clicked on our way back.


Unfortunately, we were short of time so couldn’t complete the trek and decided to return midway.  We drove for 4 hours all the way from New Jersey to the state park and the journey did turn out to be tiring.

The best time to visit the trails is from mid-May to early-November,  Apart from the trails, other activities like camping, recreation programs, fishing etc are also a part of the park. the park is open round the year but the activities may not be available at all times. The park has an entrance fee of $8 per car per day.

I hope to cover more and more places to blog about this year. Till then enjoy this post and keep me posted with your suggestions through comments.

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