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Updated: May 23, 2020

I hope y’all had a wonderful 2019 and even better of a beginning to the new decade. With the advent of the new decade, just like many of you guys, I too planned and promised to devote a sufficient amount of time for the activities that are closest to my heart. After a year of procrastination, I am finally resuming one of my favorite activities to bring out all my travel experiences over the period with some exciting facts and stories.

I ended my last decade with one of the most awaited trips.  I have always been fascinated with the South and Southeast Asian countries for their architecture, their flora and fauna and their history. My travel plan began with a pit stop in Malaysia before heading to Bali.

We had a two day stay in Malaysia which helped us get around a lot of places in Kuala Lumpur. The first day of our trip included jet lag and a quick stroll around China Town and the Twin towers. These magnificent twins stand tall right in the middle of KL city. These scintillating lights presented an enchanting view amongst all the concrete construction.


We began our day tour the next day with the first stop at the King’s Palace.


Istana Negara Malaysia, also known as the King’s Palace or Malaysian National Palace, is the official residence of the Malaysian King. Unlike most of the countries of the world, Malaysia still has a  monarchial rule.  Of all the 14 states in Malaysia, 10 are ruled by Sultans while the rest states are managed by the King himself.

The Sultan is the sovereign and the rule changes every five years where the next ruler is chosen between either the Sultan’s son or his brother.


The second stop was to the National Monument of Malaysia or Tugu Negara. This monument was built to commemorate the spirit of the British Malayan heroes who were killed in the Great War that was fought for a span of four years between 1914-1918. Malaysian geography also went through the British tyrannical rule but contrary to the popular belief, Malaysian were given freedom on requesting the British. Independence was granted on a set of terms that the native Malaysian had to agree, one of which included the coexistence of multi-race and cultural people on the Malaysian land. This is why Malaysia even though known as a prominently Muslim country, has people who have different beliefs like Buddhism, Hindu, etc.


The next stop was one of the most awaited ones- The Petronas Twin Towers.  These twins have put Malaysia on the global map of the countries that are recognized for the presence of a magnificent piece of architecture. These twin towers are named after the Petronational company of Malaysia and were considered to the tallest skyscrapers till 2004 till Taipei 101 surpassed it. Globally, they are known to be the tallest twin skyscrapers.


The last and final stop of our day tour was Batu Caves. This is another tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur known to be the most instagrammable spots in Malaysia. Batu caves are the most famous Hindu shrine away from India and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. This shrine is considered to be of extreme importance to the extensive population of Tamilians present in Malaysia. The temple is located in a cave that could be reached after climbing  about 200 multicolored stairs that is one of the highlights of this location


That brought us to the end of our trip to Malaysia. We concluded our trip by relaxing in our hotel pool that opened up the view to the KL skyline amidst the cloudy weather.


We happened to cover all these places in almost 1.5 days. There are other places on the outskirts of KL like Bird Park, Genting Island which could be covered if you decide to spend an additional couple of days. We stayed in the Central Market area which is considered to be the center of the city, the place is close to Indian street in case if you are looking for some lip-smacking Indian food, Berjaya Times Square on of the biggest malls in KL and of course China Town. The entire city is connected by the metro which makes it easier for traveling and exploring the entire city.

The next leg of the trip was Bali, Indonesia, the details of which will be shared in the next blog soon. Watch out for this space. Till then keep showering your praises and suggestions about the blog 🙂

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