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Grand Central

Updated: May 23, 2020

After Brooklyn and Roosevelt Island, it is finally time for Manhattan.

This place needs no introduction for all the Quantico fans out there! Being an ardent fan of Priyanka Chopra (needless to say Quantico), I decided to explore this place for all its grandeur. And all the Mumbaikars know refer this place as the “Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus” of New York City even though it’s vaguely similar.

Located at the 42nd Street of New York City (Uptown Manhattan), this rapid transport railroad terminal shares the street with many other iconic places as the Chrysler Building, Bryant Park and obviously not to forget the most lively place in New York, Times Square.

Covering 48 acres of land, this train terminal has 44 tracks, more than any other terminal in the world. With all the different rail connections that the terminal provides, it is also known for the intricate designs on the inside as well outside.


The picture above marks the intersection of E 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue, one of the many entrances to Grand Central.


As we continued on the slope, we achieved a crossing point. The straight way was another slope which led us to the Lower Concourse and the street to one side, to the Main Concourse. We chose to go straight.


Apart from the architecture, the one thing that caught my attention was those huge chandeliers. These were perfectly aligned and placed on alternate window panes.


Walking through, we reached the Lower Concourse. Dining Concourse as it also known is home to many restaurants serving a number of cuisines. Apart from the waiting area, this is a good place to kill your time by having a snack while you wait for your train.


We then walked to the best part of the terminal, the Main Concourse.


To the left, was the exit to the Metlife Building.


And to the right, the Vanderbilt Hall


Vanderbilt Hall is known to be the former waiting room of Grand Central.


These were most famous areas that I tried to capture. Strolling around Grand Central was one of the best experiences for me and I definitely would like to suggest all the people who are great fans of architecture to visit this place for all its scintillating beauty. As a blogger, for the first time, I fell short of words to explain the architectural beauty of this place. Letting the pictures do the talking, was a wise decision to make this time.

This blog came up after quite a long time, a couple of months I guess. It started working long back on this one and am glad that I finally finished it and expect myself to complete the next one in a couple of weeks time.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one and would eagerly wait for the next one.

Suggestions and criticisms as you know are always welcome. 🙂

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