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Depression: A game of mind

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Lately, we have been hearing about instances where people are confronting the world about their battles with depression. For the eastern world, especially the Indian subcontinent, this is definitely a new thing. What exactly is depression? Why is it important?

All these years we have been taught to take care of our health, but we somehow mistook it for only physical health. Considering all the events where in our body was at risk, people have started monitoring all their health conditions. But with all these efforts being put, we have neglected the most important part of our body- Brain. While the western world has been more cautious about the issues related to mental health and have been working towards easing them, the eastern world has been completely negligent about it. Only when one of our celebrities came out in the open about her battle with depression, was this issue considered to be sensitive and grave.

What is depression? Well, it is easy to deduce the word’s meaning from its definition, but it is one thing to feel it. It wouldn’t be wrong to be called as the feeling of self-destruction. What it does to you is often inexplicable. It’s not just the feeling of dejection that you face after being unsuccessful in achieving what you dreamt of but also the failure to motivate yourself to fight back. It usually begins with self-questioning. Not that it is wrong, but to question your own abilities to an extent that makes you feel like a loser would be the first alarm.

I have been a victim too. Thankfully I could retrieve myself before reaching the worst side. I have had days when I questioned all my abilities, my decisions and the purpose of my life just because I witnessed my life falling apart. Every new day would motivate me to face the challenges with all my strength and would end with me crying to sleep.

Everyone might have had their own moments of depression. Kudos to those who have conquered their battle but it is now time to help those in need.

For people who give bits of advice thinking that might help the person to win over his/her depression, let me tell you that it is one of the worst things to do. They don’t need them. They need someone to listen, someone to understand their situational crisis and to stand by them through thick and thin. It’s not about how long is it going to take them to come out of it, it’s about how they choose to come out of it.

I urge all the people who understand the depth of this issue to please help the people around you to help them come out of this extreme darkness and guide them into the happy light of the future. It is a humble request to all. It’s high time that we address this issue with great importance to help people who have been surreptitious about this.

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