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Coney Island

Updated: May 23, 2020

Merry Christmas to all of you from New York City!

Hope all you guys are enjoying the most amazing time of the year with your family. December is the time when you get to see the city of New York lit up. All the Christmasy vibes that the city gives out at this time of the year is just another beautiful experience. More on New York Christmas later, till then enjoy the last post of Summer 2016.

Of all the best places you could go in summers to relax, seashores are one. Tired of visiting all the architectural beauties we now decided to go to Coney Island, one of the finest beaches in New York.

Situated in the southwestern part of Brooklyn borough, this is a residential beach area. Initially being an outer island, it is partially connected to Long Island now. The only part of the island’s history that I’d like to focus is its name. The Island was earlier known “Narrioch” meaning land without shadows. But due to a large population of wild rabbits that the island inhabited, it was later named Coney after the Dutch word “conyn” meaning rabbit.

The best way to travel to coney island is by subway. Though the road is a quick mode of transportation, but the subway manages to give an elevated view of the island which is kind of amazing.


 As seen, Coney Island is not only famous for the boardwalk but also for its amusement park. Apart from these rides, this island is also home to the New York Aquarium.

As we proceeded towards the beach, we came across this humongous rides being placed right before the boardwalk named “Thunderbolt”.


We walked past the boardwalk to the Steeplechase Pier which gives one of the best panoramic views of the island from the waters.


Apart from this, these were some other shots I managed to get.


Walking back towards the boardwalk, we noticed some people walking past the pier beneath it and we too decided to take that path. Seeing the waves gush through the pier, it struck me to take a picture using some object, a ring and then my friend.


Summer being the peak time to visit beaches, this place was too crowded. Could not click many random pictures but still managed to have a few. Of these, I like the picture where the mother is playing with her kids on the beach.


Winding up our walk on the beach, we came up to the boardwalk and started strolling around. Now it was time for us to explore the “amusing” side of the island. As we walked, we saw this attractive toy store which was all yellow because of all the Minions and SpongeBob toys. And next, we saw two Olafs playfully interacting with the crowd.


This place has too many rides for both kids and adults. These rides could take up almost the entire day.


By the time I took this picture, everything around started getting foggy. Apparently, there was some kind of sandstorm coming and so we decided to leave the place without enjoying the rides and this was the last picture I took.


Being from Mumbai, I have an affinity towards seashores. After coming here, the places I saw were all architectural wonders. Not that I am a complete beach bum but yes, I missed going to beaches. Coney Island proved to be the perfect reminder of the time I spent on beaches back in Mumbai. The amusement park is a complete plus point making this place a perfect holiday spot.

How to get there: Located in Brooklyn, you definitely need to take a subway to the island from Downtown Manhattan if you are not driving. Cortlandt Street Station is the nearest station from World Trade Center (WTC) where you can board N subway to Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue. And for people traveling from New Jersey, you need to take a PATH to WTC.

Best time to visit: Summer.

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