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Updated: May 23, 2020

This is the first occasion when I am composing a blog about my photography.

Being an enthusiastic photographer, I have always clicked too many pictures and showed it off to my companions. Not that I brag about my abilities, but rather yes I was somewhat glad for my enhancing photography skills. I kept the access to my photographs restricted to Instagram and Facebook ’cause I believed that can be the best way to share them. Thanks to all my friends who continued valuing my skills and a special mention of roommates Neha and Ruchita who recommended me the thought to compose a web journal about the photographs that I capture and put a stage forward in this present reality of photography.

I am an amateur photographer and major part of the photos are clicked by iPhone while some by Samsung and a friend’s camera. Hope you guys like them.

I was in fourth grade when my dad went to the States for a visit especially New Jersey and New York City. As far back as then, it was my fantasy to visit NYC once in my life and here I am experiencing my dream. The city is excellent more than I envisioned. With every one of the skyline, parks, and waterfronts, I am totally smitten by its excellence. I visit the city verging on consistently for 18 months now am still not drained! The city just never ceases to amaze me. Of all the design wonders of the city, I am going to concentrate today on the city’s borough of Brooklyn. The two most favored spots of Brooklyn are the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Waterfront.

The Brooklyn Bridge opened to the public in 1883 connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. It is one of the oldest bridge in the City and also the longest suspension bridge in the world. Ever since it opened, it has become the icon of New York City (am sure many of the Bollywood fans would know it) and was also designated as a Historic Monument.

The Brooklyn Waterfront is one of the best ones that I have gone to. Situated in a town named Dumbo in Brooklyn, it reaches out from the base of the Manhattan Bridge to the Brooklyn Bridge giving a flawless perspective of both the suspension bridges furthermore the East River. It likewise has a seating course of action on the shore of the waterway for the general population who wish to appreciate the picturesque magnificence by either their bare eyes or camera lenses. The perspective from this spot is breathtaking.

Following are the  pictures that I captured during my visits to Brooklyn. These feature some  of my friends’ pictures too as I used them as one my objects for the pictures.

This was taken on our way to Brooklyn while we walked on the bridge.

PSX_20150822_204058 (1)

While we strolled, I saw a lot of locks with names composed of them tied on the sides of the bridge. It sort of charmed me thus couldn’t control my longing of capturing them. Also in the far background can be seen in the Manhattan Bridge.


While we were on the opposite side of the bridge strolling down towards Brooklyn, I ended up seeing the downtown horizon of New York City. The photo wasn’t sufficiently clear so I chose to give it a sunset touch.

PSX_20150822_203502 (1)

The climate upon the arrival of our visit was truly warm thus we were somewhat draining even before we reached our destination. So I and my friends chose to stop by on the bridge just to feel the cool breeze. Glancing around, I saw one of my friend standing on one of the sides and that is when I chose to take a photo of her. Indeed, for the other picture, she posed daintily 🙂


And on my left stood the magnificent Manhattan Bridge!

PSX_20150822_203828 (1)

As we got down, we began strolling towards the waterfront through the town of Dumbo. Pretty much as we drew closer the waterfront, the view of the Empire State Building in the middle of the beams of Manhattan Bridge was getting clear. It was an intense undertaking to get all the more an unmistakable picture with a cellphone yet regardless I managed to have a better than average quality picture.


The minute we reached the waterfront, we all sat down for some time to appreciate the scenic view before we could begin taking pictures. My friends figured out  a spot to sit on the rocks from where I could click great pictures of them. One of them struggled for a stance while the other flaunted her dimple.

Both ways I caught the sun going down.


While I meandered around, my iPhone owner friends began to time lapse the sunset. This is the point where I got a picture with a picture. “Picception” it is!


The sun now practically went down deserting these delightful shades of the sky which I clearly upgraded a bit. With the impacts that I included, these photos look more like the backdrops for desktops. I sort of enjoyed utilizing another item between the camera and view to create a background defocus for the view.


I walked a couple steps on the shore of the East River and I got the chance to see this all-encompassing view of both the brilliant extensions. Simply after the photo was taken, I understood that the sun had effectively set behind me and was going to in downtown Manhattan.


Since it began getting dim, the lights over the bridge were quite clear. Alongside that shone the downtown Manhattan skyline.


Yet another “Picception”


Just couldn’t get enough of the locks so while doing a reversal home, I took this photo which has the Freedom Tower or One World Trade Center as it is known defocussed out of sight.

20160715_213906 2

Furthermore, with this came the end of an awesome day with some delightful pictures in my kitty. Trust you appreciated it 🙂

Comments with appreciation and criticism are most welcomed.

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